School timetable


Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri                        08h30-16h30

Morning childminding                          07h30-08h30

Evening childminding                            16h30-18h30

Leisure Center on Wednesdays and holiday camp during school holidays are under consideration.

School fees*

Over 12 months*

417 €/month

Registration fees

1 time

300 €



2,50 €/hour

School canteen

We are currently prospecting for an organic caterer.


*-10% from the 2nd child.

*Other payment options: quarterly or yearly.

*You can benefit from a tax credit for childcare expenses of less than 6 years, capped at 50% and 2300 € / calendar year maximum (or 1150 € or 575 € if the child is on guard alternate) for each child.