Meet our team

« Every useless help is an obstacle to development. » Maria Montessori 

Roles of Montessori Educator 

The main role of the educator is to guide children towards their interest by preparing the environment for this purpose (prepared environment): 

• Set up the educational materials developed by Maria Montessori to allow the child to explore the world, to seize it and to develop,

• Determine (through observation) what educational materials can be offered to the child and show him how to use it, 

• Ensures that each child enjoys a moment of autonomous activity two and a half to three hours each morning, 

• Develops the basic rules of the class (functioning, safety, hygiene, etc ...) and ensures that they are followed, 

• Communicates with each child, their parents, and the school's educational team.

Our teaching team


Founder & Director

"Dear Parents, 

Mother of two children, former nutrition teacher and dietician for children and adolescents ; my passion for Montessori came with the birth of my first child. I believe in a quality education based on kindness, and that respects the child in all his being. I want children to believe in their dreams and to hang on to them. 

"Whatever you dream of doing, start it. Audacity has genius, power, magic. "J. von Goethe. 

Welcome to the Children's House ! " 


Co-Founder & Educator Visual Arts

"Art in the development of children is an indispensable mode of expression for me.
Illustrator, Concept Artist for Cartoon and Comic Book Author, for nearly 10 years, I have attached great importance to sharing and passing on my knowledge in the field of arts.
My task with your children is to make them aware of this universal mode of communication and to accompany them with simple tools. The appropriation of these tools will allow them to guide them towards their own language.'


Montessori Educator 3/12 years & Academic advisor

"Dear parents,
I've been a graduate teacher for 15 years. My professional experience in institutions abroad has led me to specialize in bilingualism and to open myself to different cultures and pedagogical models (Belgium, Spain, Finland).
I have taken many training courses focused on caring, cooperation and respecting the rhythm of each child in his learning and development (Montessori, Freinet, Ecole du Colibri, la Ferme des enfants, Céline Alvarez, Calandreta...). 
As I went along, I was able to put these skills into practice with the classes I worked in. I will welcome your children in class 3-6/6-12 years where autonomy, sharing, cooperation, respect, benevolence and openness to the world will drive their learning."


Anglophone Assistant

"A happy day to you all, I offer to the children an english immersion as well as yoga. I launched in Vancouver area, in 2000, my first Art and Wellbeing workshops for children in Montessori school. I started to train early childhood educators in British Columbia, as well as Montessori educators. It is a privilege to guide children in another language ; they are my mastermind, keeping the marvel untouched, while they are discovering the surrounding world. Based on the child personnal story, discoveries and deepening at his rythm take place in english with the joy to communicate. I welcome you with joy !"


Montessori Anglophone Facilitator - Kids Club

"After studying in LEA (Applied Foreign Languages), I decided to focus on childhood and education. Thanks to BAFA, I was able to work as an after-school facilitator for 4 years where I was able to adapt the activities according to the desires and needs of the children. My interest in travel, foreign languages and nature are assets that I propose to make available to children. Montessori's pedagogy immediately seduced me because I like being able to accompany the child so that he can evolve and become independent in a harmonious environment."