Ambience 6-11 years

Montessori class 6/11 years in video :

Help me to think for myself 

During this phase of development, the child is on his way to becoming a member of society. It is a time of serenity and balance during which it shows a great capacity for concentration and intensive work. 

The absorbing spirit disappears in favor of the understanding mind, of the why and the how. 

The child wants to discover the universe and its set of laws dictated by nature (cosmic education). He is gradually developing his capacity for abstraction. The imagination is then the tool of exploration that it uses when the interest exceeds the real sensory experimentation (very distant objects, the past, the infinitely large or small, etc.). At the same time, he develops an interest in justice and moral codes as well as a growing sense of responsibility. 

Finally, the pupil associates with his peers and thus turns from individual work to group work.

Number of students: 15 students maximum per teacher.