Ambience 3-6 years

Help me to do it alone  

It is the period of self-construction of the human person. Through his mind absorbing the child builds, body and soul, by internalizing and embodying the characteristics of his specific environment.

In class, this environment is prepared for the child. It is a suitable workspace in which is presented a set of teaching materials divided into 4 workspaces: 

1. Practical life: 

Here we find the material of the everyday life which allows the children an adaptation to their environment, which develops their autonomy and their independence, by bringing them self-esteem and confidence (I know how to do it alone).

2. Sensory Material: 
The child needs to refine his sensory perceptions and refine his senses to better apprehend the world around him. 

3. Language Material: 
The language material is always based on what the child knows, the educator accurately naming the material in each of the work areas and around the child. It is a great work of indirect preparation which is done before writing and reading, and which allows the child a natural acquisition of the elements of language that surround him. 

4. Mathematics material:

Mathematics material is above all a response to sensitive periods of the child. The child needs external order to organize himself inside: mathematics thus represents a new proposal for organizing the world. The mathematical sensory material gradually brings the child to abstraction.

Montessori class 3/6 years in video :

Number of students: 10 students maximum per teacher.